With more than 300,000 students leaving school and 1 million students in their final three years of secondary school considering their future pathways each year in Australia, skills development and school-to-work transition programs are more important than ever when it comes to preparing youth for the changing employment market.
TMP has identified a gap in career education. To successfully gain employment, students must develop the personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers seek. Being work-ready is vital in preparing today’s young adults for employment.
What Is Work-Ready
  • The Work-Ready Program is a multi-media educational toolkit for educators. It was designed in consultation with career educators and industry.
  • The Work-Ready Program can be run by schools, community programs and is also suitable for those working with disengaged youth or those seeking re-entry into the workforce.
  • The Work-Ready Program engages and supports students in a successful school-to-work transition.
  • The Work-Ready Program will equip young adults with the skills, knowledge and attitude required for a positive entry into today’s workforce.


Work-Ready is the platform that all career educators have been waiting for. It is a vast resource of content which enables teachers to effectively engage their students and prepare them for their futures.

  • Fluent navigation and easy to use
  • Vast resource of content
  • Multi-media teaching methods
  • Digital educator’s manual
  • Presentation slides
  • Workshops and student activities
  • Student assessment and curriculum mapping
  • Vibrant and informative 'Educator’s Community'
  • Videos and real life stories
  • E-magazine for students
  • Access to employer programs

Why Work-Ready ?

The Work-Ready Program responds to the demand from employers, industry and educators for a comprehensive program that is dedicated purely to preparing young adults for work.

The Program enables students :

  • To successfully gain and keep employment, through developing the personal skills, attitudes and behaviors that employers seek
  • Learn with an industry focus and have access to industry initiatives.
  • To effectively recognise and develop these skills, behaviours and attitudes; preparing them for both the job search process and life in the workforce
The Work-Ready Program Includes 10 Modules
The Work- Ready Program Features