About Us

At Tracy Marsh Publications (TMP) we believe that skills development and school-to-work transition programs are more important than ever when it comes to preparing youth for the changing and challenging employment market.

TMP was established in 1983 and has produced and published over three million books and magazines, both in Australia and internationally. The publishing language rights of TMP titles have been sold to international publishers including Scholastic USA and Readers Digest.

Now based in Adelaide SA, focusing on educational, career based and young adult publications, TMP has developed a reputation for innovative quality educational resources.

At TMP, we are a team of experienced publishing and education professionals who believe in equipping our youth for their future.

The Team

Publisher, Tracy Marsh started publishing at the age of 18 when she wrote her first book, Touch of Nostalgia. Tracy also launched Australia’s first craft magazine – Craft & Decorating. She has had her books published in over 20 languages around the world. Her major achievements include, winner of the Australian New Achievers Award, best selling author, Business Woman of the Year finalist and Burke‚Äôs Backyard regular presenter.

Senior Editor, Amanda Childs, among other careers has worked throughout Australia in health and education. As a past secondary school teacher she spent time on the remote APY Lands, a position that was both challenging and rewarding. She has been able to bring her own career and life experiences into the research and writing of the Work-Ready Program.

Graphic designer, Amber Mason has worked in Japan and Melbourne, designing books, magazines and advertising campaigns for major publishers and advertising agencies. Amber enjoys the challenge of working in the digital publishing age.

Marketing manager, Strauss Viljoen, has been active in the marketing space for more than 19 years. He has experience in different industries and has a proven track record in the publishing industry. Strauss believes strongly that companies should listen to their customers. Only then can needs be accurately assessed. All products should then be designed to meet these customer needs.