Lost Boys

Recent articles have spoken about the increasing struggle faced by many young Australian men – the struggle with identity. It’s an issue that resonates throughout Australia, and has many manifestations from risky behaviours to tragic youth suicide. In our schools there are boys who are lost. They show us the face of their struggle with… Read more

Congratulations you’ve registered with Work-Ready – now get your students on board!

Welcome if you’re new to the Work-Ready program, and welcome back if you have returned. Now that you have registered with Work-Ready, you’ve probably had the chance to explore our 13 informative modules and the many exciting resources they have to offer. You also have access to the Educators Community where we encourage you to… Read more


Yes we can! So there’s been a survey on the state of health of high school work experience system and the verdict is in. It’s broken! Tell us something we don’t already know! We’ve been treading water for years now. Although many schools throughout Australia have managed to run excellent work experience programs in partnership… Read more


When will I ever use this in real life? How often have you heard this (or words similar) ringing across your classroom? When students encounter a concept that is totally new, confusing, or just doesn’t seem relevant to their own life the shutters will often come down. Why bother learning this intricate math formula when… Read more

The Human Touch

Many jobs have been replaced by automation, with many more to follow. This has been happening for many years now, from factory assembly lines, to self-serve checkouts and even the performance of intricate surgeries. Recently you might have noticed automated orderlies delivering equipment at some of Australia’s hospitals, or even been assisted by a humanoid… Read more

Why kids should be taught how to start a business at school

Nigeria and Kenya are actively tackling their high youth unemployment rate by ‘equipping children with entrepreneurial skills while they’re still at school’. The African continent simply doesn’t have the jobs to employ everyone leaving school; so equipping students with the ‘essential foundational knowledge and skills such as emotional intelligence and risk taking’ will help them… Read more


Information Technology is a part of everything we do, at home, at school, at work, in government, business and the community. But it’s about more than just computers. It includes all of the technology that allows us to share and store information. That is all of our devices, television, the radio, the Internet and the… Read more