Careers in the Maritime Industry

Do you love the ocean and want to travel the world?

Discover how an interest in maths, engineering, business or logistics could lead to a maritime orientated career you never realised.

A love of mathematics and an enduring interest in yachts and small craft design was the formula that prompted Maggie-Rose Gilligan to study at the Australian Maritime College. Maggie-Rose chose to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) and recently travelled to Saint Tropez in France to compete against thirteen other counties in a HYDROcontest.
“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I learnt so much from the competition and the experience as a whole,” she said.


Why Study Maths?

There are thousands of jobs around the globe which require knowledge in mathematics. Through maths, we learn how to critically think and solve problems, and this is of great importance in many industries, including engineering. The "Maritime Engineering – Maths in Schools" program develops your mathematics skills through a range of maritime engineering scenarios. It’s a great way to show how mathematics can be applied in real life to help you learn.
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Study outstanding courses in one of the world’s most extraordinary locations

Tasmania is an island state with national parks, mountain ranges, a thriving music and art scene, gourmet food and wine, friendly bars, shopping and a multi-cultural and active lifestyle. At the Australian Maritime College, we offer a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle with on-campus accommodation, student services, convenient access to classes, facilities and study groups. Our University offers a range of generous scholarships to support students relocating to Tasmania.

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