Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry
– A world class career working on cutting edge technology

With more than $160 billion invested by the Australian Government, and 15,000 people needed when work is at its peak, Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry is growing rapidly – this is great news for young Australians looking for a secure and dynamic career!

Work will span more than three decades with seventy vessels to be built for the Royal Australian Navy by the 2050s.

Modern shipbuilding is so much more than assembling huge sheets of metal in the shipyards. In reality it incorporates work from the design of the vessels and systems, through to the build and testing stages. Once a ship or submarine is launched it has to be serviced, maintained and updated with the latest technologies.

Modern shipbuilding is highly complex. It involves cutting edge design skills, and the engineering, technology and systems that will ensure our ships and submarines are invisible to attack, can detect threats, and to ensure the safety of the crew on board.

Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry is going to need people with many different skills to work in roles from DESIGN, through to ENGINEERING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, and of course TRADES!

So, whether it’s a city-based office role, or hands-on work in the shipyards, you’ll find something that suits you. With such diversity – a job in the naval shipbuilding industry could turn into a marvelous lifelong career!

Want to learn more about the naval shipbuilding industry? Take a look at the Naval Shipbuilding College’s Shipbuilding Taster Course to get an overview of the industry and the types of roles that are available for you.