Right now is a pretty exciting time – leaving school, getting that first job and setting out into the world. There’s so much to look forward to and the future is bright, right? But unfortunately the future doesn’t always go as planned. For some of us it’s cut short.

So ask yourself these questions:

If you died who would be the best person to care for your pets?

How about your music or games collection?

Who do you want your savings, your superannuation or any compensation payments to go to?

Kay Catanzariti knows all about this. Her 21 year-old son Ben was killed in a workplace incident in 2012. He didn’t leave a will so his wishes weren’t heard. Now Kay has made it her goal to make young Australian adults aware of the importance of making a legally binding will as soon as they turn 18. That’s why she has established Will it Your Way, a website packed with facts, advice and help with taking that first step on the journey.


So don’t waste any time.  Do it today!

Explore the Will it Your Way website and take the next important step in your adult life.



Kay offers some serious food for thought: