Business studies – Towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A shift in dynamics

In what seems to have been the blink of an eye, the shape and dynamics of the workforce has shifted.

The staid and steady career for life has largely given way to a patchwork of casual jobs, short-term contracts and innovative start-ups. Long-term security seems to have been lost, and some jobs no longer exist.

In short – It’s a competitive world out there!

But it’s not all bad!

The leaps in twenty-first century technologies have opened opportunities for the enterprising.

It’s clear that it will be the doers, the makers and the cutting-edge thinkers who will navigate the world of business and employment more creatively.

Securing a job could come down to creating a job! To survive, thrive and grow in a competitive and changing job market, young Australians, need to think like entrepreneurs.

The curriculum response

That’s why innovation and entrepreneurship are now at the heart of many of the subjects on Australian school curriculums. Business Studies are a must for anybody seriously looking for a competitive advantage, and Entrepreneurship sits comfortably alongside the more conventional topics of planning, administration and financial management.

Business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, now that’s a powerful combination!

Innovative thinking

The doers, the makers and the cutting-edge thinkers of tomorrow are being nurtured in today’s classrooms. Ideally students should be encouraged to explore new ways of thinking, challenge the norm and create new and better ways of doing things. Practicing innovative thinking will allow them to leave school with the skills and mindset to recognise and create opportunities for themselves; regardless of whether they plan to START IN a business, or START UP on their own.


Today’s students are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They will take risks, fall down and succeed. They will be the lifeblood of our economy, whether that’s on a small scale in their own communities, or on a larger scale as disruptive innovators in the wider society.


With this in mind, Tracy Marsh Publications has developed BIZ-READY, the entrepreneurship, innovation, business and enterprise program. 

BIZ-READY encourages an entrepreneurial mindset of creative thinking and problem solving. It gives students the skills and confidence to take ownership of their ideas, their careers and their success.

Integrating the program will help your students to explore the processes, motivations and impact of innovation and entrepreneurship, and create the cutting edge thinking that will allow them to carve out a positive future, whether self-employed, as employees or as business operators.