SEEK.com recently dug into their job ads to explore jobs growth throughout Australia in 2017, and some of the results are quite revealing.

With all of the publicity surrounding the need for students to explore STEM options, it won’t come as any surprise to find that science, technology and engineering jobs recorded strong growth in 2017.

Growth of STEM job ads in 2017 (SEEK.com)

Science and Technology

  • Maths/Statistics/Information Sciences ^ 64.8%
  • Environmental/Earth/Geosciences ^ 57.3%
  • Biotech and Genetics ^ 23.7%


  • Project Engineering ^ 65.6%
  • Materials Handling ^ 62.8%
  • Supervising ^ 54.3%


  • Computer Operators ^ 29.3%
  • Software Engineers ^ 20.5%
  • Cyber Security Professionals ^ 14.9%

Talking about ICT…

If any of your students have a penchant for hard work, ICT and earning big $$$, tell them this. According to 2017 SEEK ads Software Engineering averaged an advertised salary of $109,053, whilst a job in Cyber Security nabbed the lucky applicants on average, $117,053. Sure beats teaching!

A new mining boom, or get a Trade?

It might come as some surprise to learn that the top performing industry in 2017 according to SEEK ads, was the mining industry. Go on – you thought that boat had sailed already! This was followed closely by the growth in trades. STEM enthusiasts will be quick to remind you (and they would be right), that many of the jobs in these areas do require a degree of science, math and digital skills!

The TOP FIVE jobs for ads growth in 2017 will blast you away!

  • Oil and Gas Drilling ^ 94%
  • Mining/Resources/Energy Surveying ^ 93.5%
  • Mining/Drill and Blasting ^ 84.4%
  • Welding/Boilermaking ^ 75.6%
  • Fitting/Turning/Machinery ^ 67.9%

There’s more to the picture!

STEM, Mining and Trades were not the only areas for jobs growth in 2017. We did a little digging of our own on the Department of Jobs and Small Business website. Here’s a snapshot of jobs growth throughout all industries in 2017, as well as future projections. STEM and Trades aside, you’ll notice that many of the rest require human touch and interaction. Will that change in the future?

Australia’s TOP FIVE growth TOP 10 jobs for growth to 2022
1.     Health Care and Social Assistance

2.     Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

3.     Construction

4.     Education and Training

5.     Accommodation and Food Services

1.     Aged and Disability Carers

2.     Registered Nurses

3.     Child Carers

4.     General Sales Assistants

5.     General Clerks

6.     Education Aids

7.     Truck Drivers

8.     Software and Application programmers

9.     Advertising, PR and Medical Officers


Do your own digging!

The Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business website, is a great place to explore statistics on the state of the nation (job-wise). Why not get students to dig into the numbers, and consider the career pathways with a future.

Try some of these discussion points with your students, and make some of your own. You never know where they will lead the class.

  • Discuss the possible reasons for jobs growth in each industry
  • Top 3 hiring occupations for each – why?
  • Percentage of males or females in each industry – reasons. What is changing?
  • Percentage of jobs in regional Australia –
  • Proportion of part-time work. In which industries is this high and why?
  • The young median age in accommodation and food services compared with other industries
  • What does this explain about the industry and career progression?
  • Which qualifications will translate best into the future
  • What are the most important skills for future employment?

You will find these graphics on PDF on the Department of Jobs and Small Business website:



Find out what the situation is in your own state by jumping onto the following link:

The PDF gives an extensive breakdown of each state and territory in Australia.