We understand that time is limited in any classroom and there is only so much you can get through in each lesson. It’s a shame really, especially considering the time spent on research and preparation. Even when all goes to plan, by the end of a unit of work, there is often so much that is missed.
Some might think that’s ok. Especially in this world of easy and instant access information. If students are interested enough or inspired enough, they can get out and do a bit of research of their own.


This got us thinking!

The Work-Ready Program contains so much valuable information, focused in the one place. It would be a shame when students who are preparing for the next exciting phase of their lives, to limit their access to this information to the classroom, especially if they wish to explore options that they haven’t had a chance to at school.

Now, if your school has the Open Access package of Work-Ready, every student will have on hand, all of the Work-Ready modules, resources and information that will help prepare them for their work and study future.

Why restrict it to the classroom?

Without being limited to the classroom, students can access the information they need, whenever they need it, from their device, at home or anywhere else.

By simply typing in a word or subject into the ‘SEARCH FUNCTION’, your students will have access to all 13 MODULES, (including the exciting new DEFENCE INDUSTRY MODULE), packed with up-to-date information, activities, links and videos, as well as the EQUIPD eMag.

With unlimited access to Work-Ready, students will be able to delve deeper into the resources and:

  • Share and discuss job and career issues with their parents
  • Further explore their study and career pathway options
  • Put together a fantastic CV and prepare for job interviews
  • Research the best way to find work experience
  • Practice and hone their communication skills
  • Brush up on their networking
  • Find volunteer opportunities and get involved in causes close to their heart
  • Access up-to-date government information and resources
  • Understand where to seek help and advice
  • Budget their time, and their money
  • Keep up with the latest news from the defence industry
  • And much, much more!
If you’re interested in finding out more about unlimited student access to the Work-Ready Program, don’t hesitate to get in touch!