Classroom Ideas

For all of our forward planning sometimes it just happens that way. With little notice, no prior planning and in an unfamiliar class it’s not always easy to stay on script or on track. Well, here’s an idea to add to your teacher toolkit! Get your students onto EQUIPD e-Mag. EQUIPD e-Mag has been created… Read more


“My Year 12s are loving the lessons in the ‘Working With Money’ books. They are finding having their own books quite a novelty, instead of using their computers. Love the inclusion of QR Codes. Great resource.” Alison Grinsted, Meridan State College, QLD   We’ve been saying it all along Online resources are great. They offer… Read more

HELLO TO ALL OF THE NEW WORK-READY USERS! It’s not only teachers and community groups, but since the start of the school year, we have had a lot of students registering with Work-Ready. It’s great to see them take advantage of the free online resources that will help them to prepare for life beyond school…. Read more

A great investment for students!

They say life’s an adventure and it’s the twists and unexpected turns along the way that give it spice. Another thing they say is that you learn from your mistakes – but those lessons can be costly; too costly when the setbacks affect your future, your lifestyle and your financial health. Financial health might not… Read more

Welcome to the new school year!

We hope that your break has been relaxing, with time spent with family and friends, and doing the things that make you happy. While you’ve been on break, the team at Work-Ready have been busy preparing for 2021. Work-Ready is still free to all schools, students and community groups throughout Australia, but you will notice… Read more

2020 – What a year!

That seems to be the greeting, the refrain, and the topic that fills those awkward gaps in conversation. And yes. What a year 2020 has been. A strange dystopian time that has both dragged and flown and curled its way into the deepest recesses of our fears. It has changed our plans, altered our routines… Read more