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You might already be using digital portfolios in the classroom, but if you’re not, they’re a great idea. Digital portfolios capture aspects of your school life. They’re a way to collect, store and display work electronically, from written assignments to artwork, lab experiments to physical projects, academic awards to school reports. You can blog it,… Read more


Well, we have passed the pointy end of the year – and where did that year go? Exams are done and dusted, marking and reports will soon become a memory and the schoolyard has all but emptied of seniors – only the stragglers remain. There are classroom cleanups with skips overflowing, casual dress days, and… Read more

Explore your options

You’re coming to the pointy end of your school days and looking towards what you will be doing when you leave. It’s around about now that the pressure is on to make subject and career pathway choices. Keep your mind open! Perhaps you see university as the gateway to a well-paid and satisfying career; and… Read more

Lost Boys

Recent articles have spoken about the increasing struggle faced by many young Australian men – the struggle with identity. It’s an issue that resonates throughout Australia, and has many manifestations from risky behaviours to tragic youth suicide. In our schools there are boys who are lost. They show us the face of their struggle with… Read more

Congratulations you’ve registered with Work-Ready – now get your students on board!

Welcome if you’re new to the Work-Ready program, and welcome back if you have returned. Now that you have registered with Work-Ready, you’ve probably had the chance to explore our 13 informative modules and the many exciting resources they have to offer. You also have access to the Educators Community where we encourage you to… Read more