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SEEK.com recently dug into their job ads to explore jobs growth throughout Australia in 2017, and some of the results are quite revealing. With all of the publicity surrounding the need for students to explore STEM options, it won’t come as any surprise to find that science, technology and engineering jobs recorded strong growth in… Read more

Famous Ex-Teachers

For some educators teaching is a vocation to which they dedicate their entire working life. For others it’s a profession they visit for a time before moving on. Whichever direction they take, countless ex-teachers are out there carving successful careers, utilising the skills and resilience their time in the classroom has bestowed. Most ex-teachers go… Read more


For some time now we’ve been hearing and writing about the importance of entrepreneurship in the future workforce. The call has been for young Australians to become job creators over job seekers. More importantly though, the workforce needs intrapreneurs! Students don’t have to be entrepreneurs to be successful, but unlocking their entrepreneurial skills will certainly… Read more

STEAM is the new STEM!

For several years now the big push in schools has been to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) – and rightly so. Young Australians need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a brave new world of innovation, discovery and disruptive technologies. But if we place the emphasis solely… Read more


Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand. Confucius   The classroom has always been the thriving domain of competition in the form of essays, role-play, quizzes and games. In today’s digital classroom, this type of good-natured competition takes on different forms. Gamification is now the buzz… Read more

Slow it Down

Well, here we are again at the beginning of another year. Welcome back! One of our blog posts last year, mused on the question of why teachers (and as we were reminded – support staff), are so tired. It’s a common theme, not only in education, but also in other professions. The thing about today’s… Read more


There was great fanfare earlier this month when Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne, officially launched the Naval Shipbuilding College. Representatives from educational institutions and defence industry groups such as BAE Systems Australia and Naval Group Australia attended, and the fanfare was understandable considering the growth and opportunity promised by Australia’s $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Program…. Read more


We already know that the dynamic and changing workforce will see young people shifting through several jobs, and careers in their lifetime. It’s an exciting time, and might seem daunting to students. But it needn’t be. As jobs change and new jobs emerge, whether they realise it or not, they will be more prepared for… Read more

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