Upon registration and purchase of a subscription to the Work-Ready Program the following terms and conditions will apply.

  1. Access
    • Access to the Work-Ready Program will be limited to the quantity of the specific subscription.
    • If there are multiple users, each of them must register their own username and password.
    • The subscription will run for the period of twelve calendar months from the date of registration.
    • Each subscription will only allow for the specified number of users. The number of users cannot change during the subscription period, (unless a larger package is purchased). The specific users may however change, but notice of the change must be given to Work-Ready Program. A new username and password must be registered for the new user.
    • The Open Access Package will have no limit on the number of users per institution. Each user must however register with Work-Ready and have their own username and password.
    • Access will be given to users 24 hours of the day unless maintenance or upgrades need to be done. These will be done after working hours as far as possible, but due notice will be given in the event of. The Work-Ready Program will not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature due to the unavailability of access to the program at any time.
  1. Payment
    • Notice of payment to be sent to Work-Ready Program
    • Subscription will only run from the time of receipt of the full payment. Work-Ready must be able to confirm receipt before access will be granted.
  1. Copyright
    • The Work-Ready Trust Pty Ltd owns all copyright on the Work-Ready Program.
    • All rights and intellectual property including copyright, trademarks, and intellectual property embodied in text, logos, video or other material on the Work-Ready platform or website are the property of the Work-Ready Trust Pty Ltd.
    • No distribution, reproduction of any content of this platform is allowed. This includes:
  • Printing more copies of any printable content than reasonably needed to teach the class that the user personally teaches;
  • Sharing of login credentials with anyone else;
  • Sharing any of the information in any way with other teachers/educators.

Any infringement of copyright will be unlawful and could lead to legal action.