A great investment for students!

They say life’s an adventure and it’s the twists and unexpected turns along the way that give it spice. Another thing they say is that you learn from your mistakes – but those lessons can be costly; too costly when the setbacks affect your future, your lifestyle and your financial health.

Financial health might not be at the top of student minds as they prepare for the freedom of independence.

Let’s face it, there are far more exciting things to think about than budgeting and tax file numbers and insurance. Credit doesn’t seem a huge problem – not when it’s such an easy path to purchasing what you want right now. And superannuation? Retirement is a lifetime away and there’s so much living to be had before then!

Managing money takes discipline, and the kind of insight that is only gained with life experience if it’s not taught early. That’s why the team at Work-Ready has introduced a new workbook to our list of publications.

Working with Money is an easy to use workbook that brings together much of the information students need for a really good start to a healthy financial future.

Working with Money has information, advice and activities that will help them to make smart money choices, structure their finances, and stay out of debt. The workbook helps students to understand the importance of planning for financial freedom and covers

  • Accountability
  • Budgeting and managing money
  • Credit and debt
  • Income tax
  • Insurance and health cover
  • Superannuation and investment
  • Buying that first car
  • And much more …

Working with Money also has links to handy government websites, and where to go for assistance and advice.

Not all young Australians are lucky enough to be growing up with sound financial guidance. At Work-Ready we believe that smart money choices are too important to be learned the hard way.

Working with Money is a valuable addition to any classroom or care group, so why not invest in your students!

Take a look at Working with Money in the Work-Ready Bookshop.