Augmented and virtual realities!

I was very fortunate to be on the beautiful Darling Harbour 2 weeks ago as Sydney played host to Pacific 2019.
Pacific 2019 is an international maritime exposition for government and industry. It’s a showcase where world leaders in the commercial and defence sectors of the maritime industry, and maritime primes and their supply chains get together to show off their wares.

As a part of our partnership with the Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC), Work-Ready was invited to attend Pacific 2019 to learn more about the future of the maritime industry so that we can help connect students to this future. That’s one of the best parts of researching for the Work-Ready program – attending industry events and talking to industry leaders about the fabulous opportunities that will be out there tomorrow for today’s students.

A showcase of everything maritime imaginable

Pacific 2019 gave me insight into the excitement that surrounds the future of Australia’s maritime and shipbuilding industry. It was a feast of innovation; from design and development, shipbuilding and repairs, propulsion systems, defence systems, autonomous systems, logistics and freight, electronics and navigation, underwater technologies, maritime and naval aviation, communications, security and underwater technologies.

Augmented reality experience

I attended seminars and visited fascinating exhibits, experienced virtual workplaces and spaces, and was immersed beneath the sea in a submarine thanks to the NSC’s state-of-the-art augmented reality experience. There will be more news on that in the coming weeks when we introduce links to the augmented reality experience in Work-Ready – so look out for it!  

Why was it important for Work-Ready to be there?

It’s important for Work-Ready to stay up-to-date on the future direction of the Australian workforce. We want to bring the latest news and information on pathways and opportunities to your classroom.

Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry is a growth industry that will require a skilled sustainable workforce for generations to come. That means there will be thousands of jobs within the supply chain (that’s businesses large and small) throughout Australia – but students need to know about these jobs. They need to have their imagination fired, and they need concrete information on the training, apprenticeships and study pathways to get there.

By attending events like Pacific 2019, I am able to make industry leaders aware of how important it is to connect with students, educators and their families; and I can set up opportunities for students to learn more, start planning and connect with their future.

Stay ahead of industry news – register now with Work-Ready

If you haven’t already registered with Work-Ready, do it now – it’s free to all schools and a valuable resource for students to prepare for their workforce future.

For information on the 12 priority jobs in the naval shipbuilding industry, go to ‘Naval Shipbuilding’ in the DEFENCE INDUSTRY module and click on the links.

Don’t forget to watch out the Augmented Reality links in the coming weeks.