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Maddie never expected she would be a part of shipbuilding – now she can’t imagine doing anything else!

Moving from freelance photography to an electrical trades apprenticeship might seem like a bit of a stretch, but for Maddie Ricketts, the switch to a trade in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry has opened the door to exciting long-term career prospects (oh yes – and the stability that her previous career couldn’t provide).

Maddie is almost through her apprenticeship with Austal and couldn’t be happier with the stimulation of its challenges, and the reward of applying the new skills she is learning every day. That’s anything electrical, from terminating GPOs and power points, to the intricate work of building and wiring complex switchboards on any of the Austal vessels (and let’s just say that nobody takes greater pride than Maddie in creating a neat and beautiful switchboard).

But don’t just take our word for it – click on the link to hear about Maddies’s journey in her own words.


Perhaps an electrical apprenticeship isn’t quite your thing?

Don’t worry – naval vessels are not only incredibly big, their systems are incredibly complex. So many different hands-on skills are needed to piece it all together, which means there’s a wide range of qualified trades needed in the design, construction, testing and of course, keeping Australia’s fleet afloat.

With an apprenticeship in naval shipbuilding you are given the tools and support to complete the job, and be a part of something really big and exciting.

As Maddie says, there’s something for everyone!

If Maddie has sparked your interest in an apprenticeship within the Naval Shipbuilding Industry, why not chat with one of the Career Consultants at the Naval Shipbuilding College. They will ask a few questions, answer any of yours, and steer you on the right course towards an apprenticeship that is just the beginning of an exciting future!

Jump onto this link and go for it!


Learn about more of the apprenticeship opportunities available in naval shipbuilding by logging on to Work-Ready and exploring High Tech Careers in Naval Shipbuilding in the NAVAL SHIPBUILDING module.


And if you would like to read more about Maddie, go to the link below.