You might already be using digital portfolios in the classroom, but if you’re not, they’re a great idea.

Digital portfolios capture aspects of your school life. They’re a way to collect, store and display work electronically, from written assignments to artwork, lab experiments to physical projects, academic awards to school reports.

You can blog it, vlog it, create a podcast, create a website – use your imagination and develop your skills!

In short, Digital Portfolios are both a WORKSPACE and a SHOWCASE from the process right (putting it all together) through to the product.

Digital Portfolios take a bit to organise, but they’re well worth the effort.

They’re great for STUDENTS

  • You have an audience for your work
  • It’s a place to document, organise and reflect on your work and share it with your teacher, parents, other students and the world!
  • You can connect, collaborate, get feedback and discuss ideas
  • You’re developing your digital literacy and other valuable skills without even realising!

They’re great for TEACHERS

  • With an audience, your students can really take ownership of their work
  • They’re developing their writing, communication, digital and other valuable skills
  • You can move beyond the walls of the classroom and still maintain a secure environment
  • It’s a great way to connect rural and remote classes to the rest of Australia and the world
  • You can access what your students post from anywhere, and share important information with them in real time
  • They offer an alternative form of expression to students who might otherwise struggle
  • Digital Portfolios provide a window into student learning, and you can collate all of that information without a pile of papers mounting on your desk

They’re great for PARENTS

  • It can be hard trying to find out what your kids have been up to in school. With a digital portfolio you can just log in and take a look
  • It gives you a valuable opportunity to connect with your child, their teacher and the school, ask questions and get involved. You don’t have to feel like an outsider!
  • The platform is safe and secure

And why are we talking about Digital Portfolios in Work-Ready?

Well, it’s as simple as this – A Digital Portfolio (or at least a selection from it), is a great way to showcase your skills to a prospective employer – think about it!

If you’re a student, talk to your teachers about Digital Portfolios and get them to share the Work-Ready ‘ONLINE PRESENCE’ module with the class.

If you are an educator, talk to your colleagues about their experiences with Digital Portfolios, see if your school has a preferred platform, or check out a few sites to see what might suit your class.

Here are a few suggested digital portfolio apps:






Are you are already onto a great digital portfolio app? We would love you to share it with us.

And don’t forget to share the Work-Ready ‘ONLINE PRESENCE’ module with your students.