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Get on board!

It’s great to see that the Naval Shipbuilding College and Work-Ready alliance was mentioned in the press this week – especially at a time when news is dominated by, and conversation peppered with, COVID-19. (Remember a simpler time when we used to talk about the weather?)

So what better time to draw attention to the Naval Shipbuilding College/Work-Ready alliance than when young Australians and their parents are grappling with disruptions to the school year and an uncertain work future.

The thing is, rain or shine, at no cost to schools or students, Work-Ready will continue connecting industry with the future workforce by highlighting job and career opportunities, and sharing industry news with students and their families.  Being an online and interactive platform, work-Ready has the flexibility to support careers educators in the classroom setting, one-on-one, or with home schooling.

Change the conversation

Although the news seems bleak for young people who are considering their future career options, Naval Shipbuilding College Chief Executive Ian Irving explains there will be thousands of jobs in the shipbuilding industry across Australia – and these jobs will exist on the other side of this current medical emergency.

That’s why it’s important for students and their families to start the conversation now while they are making senior school subject decisions. Jumping on board Work-Ready to explore the DEFEENCE INDUSTRY module, and ‘Naval Shipbuilding’ in particular, they might just be surprised by the career opportunities that are available.

Naval shipbuilding industry jobs are wide in scope and involve sophisticated robotic technology and automation and digital interaction. Shipbuilding roles are diverse and range from production work and welding through to engineering, programming and design.

Links to opportunity

‘Naval Shipbuilding’ in Work-Ready provides information on these jobs and links to augmented reality experiences of our fleet and shipyards of the future. Links also offer connections to the free Shipbuilding Taster Course, the national Workforce Register and the opportunity to speak personally with a Candidate Engagement Consultant.

Naval shipbuilding is an exciting industry to be a part of, and one that won’t be decimated by COVID 19. Work-Ready offers a glimpse through a window to the future that is not as bleak as the current headlines would have you believe.

Get on board!

If you haven’t registered with Work-Ready, do it now, and get your students on board as well. They’ll have access to the resources you choose – at school or from home.

And remember to add the DEFENCE INDUSTRY module to your class folder to start the conversation happening around the naval shipbuilding industry and help your students find a pathway to their career in shipbuilding!