Working it Out!

It takes time for young people to develop the skills and attitudes, as well as the values that are required to navigate a successful transition from school to further study, employment and the responsibilities of adult life.
At Tracy Marsh Publications we believe that every young Australian needs a line of sight towards their future and a clear view of a pathway that aligns with their abilities and interests.  They need support to make a realistic transition in a changing economy.
We specialise in this support and have practical and engaging teaching tools to help students in their career planning.

Many students are tactile learners who benefit from flicking through the pages of a book, re-reading articles of interest and revisiting activities. Although at Work-Ready we are staunch advocates of online educational tools, we have responded to feedback from schools and produced some exciting new printed workbooks.

Work It Out workbook is the first to be launched. It can be used as a supporting tool with the Work-Ready program, or as a standalone workbook. One of the best things about Work It Out is that it can be used in the classroom or for students working from home.

Work It Out is vibrant and easy to use and aims at helping your students to prepare for that first job. It’s ideal for Year 9-12 students, caters to all levels and demographics and is curriculum and assessment based.

Work It Out helps students to navigate the journey from school to work with follow through activities to help them to identify their skills, attitudes, values and interests, identify study and career pathways and create the opportunities to make it happen.

Work It Out takes the students on a journey. By engaging in the activities they come to understand themselves better so they understand where to begin, how to present and express themselves, and how to stand out during the interview process.

Work It Out activities challenge students to explore their traits and interests and to expand their thinking so that they can choose the right career pathway.

Work It Out makes the journey less daunting with a fun quiz and practical activities on goal setting, understanding what influences their decisions, the many study pathway options available and creating a stand out CV.

There’s also a great section on preparing for that daunting interview, acting with self-composure, and answering interview questions with confidence.

And once they’ve got their first job, there’s still so much to learn and prepare for… like the work-place attitudes that will really make a difference and the all-important budget once payday arrives!

So if you’re not already registered for Work Ready or would like to order the Work It Out workbooks for your students, simply send an email to