Classroom Ideas

For all of our forward planning sometimes it just happens that way. With little notice, no prior planning and in an unfamiliar class it’s not always easy to stay on script or on track.

Well, here’s an idea to add to your teacher toolkit!

Get your students onto EQUIPD e-Mag.

EQUIPD e-Mag has been created especially for young Australians – for the career classroom, for the home or home groups, or for any time that students have the time to add to their general preparing for the outside world knowledge. (There’s no such thing as an empty lesson!)

The content in EQUIPD has been written with the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities in sight

There’s no need to panic that you are straying from your teaching purpose as students login; and the e-Mag can be accessed from any device (not just clunky old school laptops), so there’s no excuse for most students not to get on board.

It’s filled with activities and quizzes to get those creative minds turning and interesting articles on careers, pathway possibilities, industry news and the big life decisions like making a will – it’s never too early to start thinking about it (read the article yourself). It has health tips, study tips and advice on little things like creating a signature (they will find that unique – pen on paper), to bigger things like joining a cause, or starting up a small business. Who knows, you could have budding entrepreneurs in your classroom.

The links are sound!

The links and downloads in EQUIPD e-Mag direct students to sound government and industry websites so there are fewer chances of straying into dangerous uncharted waters, and little chance of having admin or IT breathing down your neck. That has to earn you a few Brownie points for responsible teacher status!

So next time you are in a jam …

Direct your students to the Work-Ready website, show them the little green button that says EQUIPD MAGAZINE (top right hand side) and get them flicking through the pages. There will be something there to spark their interest – and the best thing is, it’s all above board!