Creating a Business Future for your Students




It can be frustrating preparing students for a positive employment future when the headlines so often shout out statistics of gloom.

Finding employment from school is not as easy as it once was

Entry-level jobs are often difficult to come by, and those advertised are inundated with applicants. There are fewer options for work experience, which makes the level of experience employers seek impossible for a young person just out of school.

Let’s broaden our approach!

Even though we encourage our students to understand and communicate their strengths, brush up on their transferable skills and put their best foot forward in the job seeking process – they still face the problem of fewer jobs with more applicants competing for those jobs. There’s bound to be some disappointment!

Enterprising young Australians

Our classrooms are filled with young people brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, and ready to take their future into their own hands. If any of your students have an interest, a passion or an idea that will translate into a startup, don’t see it go to waste.

Information and communication technologies mean that starting a business has never been easier

There is a wealth of information, support and mentoring available to give new businesses and startups the opportunity for success – but that information isn’t always easy to find.

Get the entrepreneurs in your classroom on to BizReady

BizReady puts it all in the one place. It contains all the information students need to explore the merits of any business or startup idea, develop enterprise skills, and open the door to business opportunities. With all the statistics of gloom out there, enterprise might just mean the difference between unemployment and meaningful employment.

Not bad for a $20 subscription!

BizReady is an easy to use format packed with real-life examples, activities, videos and links to helpful government and business websites. With access available from any device, anywhere, your students will have valuable, relevant and up-to-date information on all aspects of Australian business at their fingertips.

The BizReady SEARCH FUNCTION allows students to explore, collect and put the information they need into their personal folders. They can

  • Share and discuss their business ideas and plans with parents
  • Recognise business and startup opportunities
  • Research their market
  • Put together a business and marketing plan
  • Practice and hone their communication skills
  • Brush up on networking
  • Develop their pitch
  • Find volunteer, internship or mentoring opportunities
  • Access up-to-date government information and resources
  • Understand where to seek help and advice
  • Understand their taxation, work health and safety and other obligations
  • Budget their time and money
  • Research suitable funding, grants and investor opportunities
  • MORE…