We live in the hope that the hours spent in the classroom will give our students an awakened self-awareness, and a little more knowledge about the processes, pitfalls and the rewards that await when they leave school.

We hope that ultimately they will step into the job search space – and ultimately the workforce with confidence.

Yep. That’s the intrinsic reward we want for them. (Well, that and stable and satisfying employment…)

But sometimes it takes a bit more of a push to get them there.

That’s why we have added a little more of a motivator at the end of each of the Work-Ready modules. A reward for effort – a Certificate of Completion! (And hey – a little extrinsic motivation can’t hurt!)

Each Certificate of Completion lists the module sections, which can be ticked off if completed.

When they have completed the module, DOWNLOAD their certificate and print it out as physical proof of what they have achieved. They can keep it as a reminder of the challenges they have faced, share it with their family and put it into their CV folder.

It’s proof to employers of their ‘go-to’ attitude, the effort they have made in the classroom, and the really useful and relevant things they have learned along the way.

Each Certificate of Completion gives your students the pat on the back they deserve – from you, and from us!