Put BizReady and Work-Ready to work in your Research Project classroom

Whether it’s good news for you or not – the Research Project is here to stay!

The review and proposed changes to the Research Project includes more defined options including entrepreneurial or community activism projects, and those tied directly to vocational studies and career pathways.

But why wait for the revised curriculum – why not encourage that sort of focus with the students in your classroom now?

Perhaps one of your students has:

  • A great idea for an entrepreneurial project or a small business start-up
  • An invention they would like to take to market, or a dream they would like to bring to fruition
  • A future vision of working their way up the business ladder
  • The drive to explore their best future career options
  • A passion for making their community a better place
Put BizReady and Work-Ready to work in your Research Project classroom

If you haven’t used the BizReady program in your classroom, take a look to see how it can help students prepare a business themed Research Project.


BizReady will help your students to explore the world of business, or the potential of any business idea within the framework of the Research Project. It will help them to unpack, evaluate, set goals and frame the key questions that will inform any startup decisions, or understand different aspects of business a little better.

The 14 modules and Young Entrepreneurs e-Magazine are packed with ideas and advice on the WHAT IS and the HOW TO of business. There are useful examples, templates, case studies, and links to handy government websites.

Your students can explore hundreds of business related topics from MICRO-BUSINESS through to GLOBILISATION, from BRAND POSITIONING through to OPERATING COSTS, and from ETHICAL PRACTICES through to LEGALS.

The Research Project together with BizReady can help start your business minded students in an area of interest, and who knows where that will lead.

Take a look at a few business related Research Project Questions
Students can frame their question to develop a better understanding of a particular aspect of business or to explore a possible startup idea:

The Work-Ready program is also great resource to help students to set goals and frame Research Project questions that will help them to map out a comprehensive pathway into an exciting post secondary future.

Check out Work-Ready at www.work-ready.com.au/


Possible Career related Research Project questions


Check if your school already subscribes to Work-Ready and BizReady, if not check out the websites or don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to answer any questions at 0419 365 710 or email  admin@tracymarsh.com