Work and careers education is a different beast to that of a generation or two ago. It’s no longer the sole domain of the later years of secondary school, and no longer has the sole focus of student streaming.  

Sure, there’s still the preparation for subject choice and career pathways, the ever valued or much maligned work experience, and getting to the nitty gritty of job applications, resumes and interviews. All of these are important in the work and career education journey, but it’s now a journey that begins earlier than Year 10. Rightly so when you consider that the subject is a lifelong learning journey in itself. 

Work and careers education is a different beast by necessity 

Our world is vastly different than a generation ago.  Work and careers education must cater to the requirements of industry (old and new), the changing nature of work and the workforce, and the need to prepare young Australians for future uncertainty. It also has to encompass our greater understanding of work/life balance and the necessity of nurturing personal wellbeing. 

A broader reach

In Australian schools today, work and careers education has a broader reach and a more holistic focus. Raising in students a greater self-awareness and understanding of their interests and competencies underpin the curriculum, as does the need for them to develop interpersonal and transferable skills, resilience, adaptability and a curiosity towards learning for life.    

This sounds like a big ask, but it’s not impossible; after all these are the things that underpin all subjects across all year levels. Work and careers education has finally taken its rightful place. The problem may just be in understanding what is needed when, and accessing the resources to cater to the learning experience. 

If you need a brief reminder of how it all falls, take a look below.

Years 7 and 8 is a time of DISCOVERY and EXPLORATION

As they explore their strengths and interests and reflect on their experiences, students are developing a positive self-image and a larger picture of their place in the world. They come to the understanding that they have an active choice in determining their future.

Years 9 and 10 is the time for FOCUS and PLANNING

This is the time for greater self-knowledge as students identify their values, skills and strengths and develop strategies for greater learning and facing challenges. They focus on the aspirations that will inform their subjects and study pathway choices.

Years 11 and 12 is a time for DECISIONS and IMPLEMENTATION

With a more rounded understanding of what is required for transition into further study and the workforce, students are making meaningful preparations for their future. They participate more actively in the community and explore the opportunities to make it all happen.

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