The Work-Ready workbooks (Work It Out, My Work Experience and My Business Plan) are helping thousands of young Australians towards self-knowledge and making important decisions about their future.

Work-Ready are happy to announce that we are adding two new workbooks to the stable!

Take a look …


Is a practical guide to making better money decisions and positive financial choices.

Working with Money helps students to understand and navigate life’s financials as they prepare for life after school. With activities and links to relevant government websites, it contains handy information on starting a new job, banking and budgeting, staying out of debt, making a little extra cash, understanding tax and superannuation, loans and credit, assets, insurance, investment, and that step towards independence – buying a car.


Is a practical guide to creating a pathway towards a work/life style that will see students thrive.

My Ideal Working Life contains activities to help students to identify and explore their ideal lifestyle, and advice on jobs and careers that suit a range of interests, values and lifestyles. The workbook provides the steps towards making informed choices, and the focus they need to aspire to a working life that allows them to express who they are, and live the life they want to live.

At school or home…

As with the other Work-Ready workbooks, Working with Money and My Ideal Working Life can be used in the classroom or at home. They can be used ‘stand alone’, or alongside Work-Ready or any other suitable classroom resource.

Don’t limit them to the careers classroom…

Working with Money and My Ideal Working Life are ideal for any classroom, especially home group and pastoral lessons. Consider them for the students at your school.