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To let your Careers class, Home Group or Pastoral Care class in on a bit of the fun, we’ve included a DOWNLOAD from Work it Out.

When they’re looking at future careers it’s a good idea for students to focus on something they’re passionate about. Brainstorming is a great way to expand their thinking on the different types of jobs and careers that involves their passion.

IT’S A BRAINSTORM is a great mind mapping activity to get those creative ideas flowing.


And by the way – it’s World Wildlife Day tomorrow (3rd March). That’s the day of the year where we celebrate the world’s plants and animals, and raise awareness of the issues that impact wildlife in Australia and around the world.

What does that have to do with classrooms around Australia? Everything!

Overgrazing, farming and development are a huge threat to our native animals, but the biggest threat to wildlife is habitat loss – that accounts for 80% of the loss in biological diversity. At current rates of extinction, nearly 20% of the world’s species will be gone within 30 years.

Australia is a gold medallist in wildlife extinctions – and that’s a gold medal we can do without!

It’s going to take new thinking and better ways of doing things to turn it all around. It will take the efforts of industry, governments and individuals alike!

There are students in Australian classrooms passionate about the environment, concerned about conservation or want to work at putting wildlife back on the front paw.

From Park Ranging to Fauna Rescue, from Town Planning to Restoration Ecology, there’s a diversity of jobs and careers out there where their passion can be translated into action.

Get your students to BRAINSTORM their future – whatever their passion!

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