An opportunity for students to loosen the shackles of a tight curriculum

The Research Project is a great opportunity for students to loosen the shackles of a tight curriculum and immerse themselves in a project completely of their own choosing. 

We already understand how valuable the SACE Research Project is in developing those transferable skills that will serve young South Australians well throughout life, planning, research, communication, independent thinking, self-discipline, the list goes on.

We know that (done well) the Research Project gives students a tremendous sense of accomplishment and confidence in the knowledge that they are capable of seeing a project through. All of this contributes to the growing sense of purpose every young adult needs as they prepare for their future.

Many students flounder when it comes to choosing a topic, an issue or a project and of course, we tell them to find something they are passionate about. That’s great if they know what it is they are passionate about, but what of those students who have no idea? 

It can be confusing and daunting, but here’s a suggestion 

Many students use the Research Project as a vehicle to explore the possibilities around a future career or lifestyle. Thinking about something they would like to do, finding something in that space that they really want to learn about, and developing a question around it can open the door into an exciting new world. 

By researching a topic that aligns with their career or lifestyle ambitions, students can advance their knowledge and understanding, and also create a valuable network of contacts and sources of inspiration. It’s a great opportunity to bring them to the attention of a potential mentor or referee, or the opportunity for placement, study or even employment. 

The scope is broad 

Whether their Research Project is subject based, discipline based or community based, whether your students are tackling an issue, exploring a start-up opportunity, creating a product or researching a story – they will be gaining an insight that will help them to make more informed study and career decisions. 

Throughout all of this, those who once had no idea, may even find their passion!    

If you are looking for student resources for The Research Project, go to our bookshop and take a look at the I-Xplore Research Project Journal. It’s a step-by-step personal journal to assist students with question ideas, planning strategies and helpful advice on research methods, developing capabilities, critical analysis, communication and presentation skills. 

If any of your students have developed their Research Project question around a start-up, small business or lifestyle, get them onto My Business Plan or My Ideal Working Life. 


Here’s the link.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!