For the past few weeks, we have been featuring interviews with Australia’s Career teachers. It’s been an interesting and insightful exercise, but this week I would like to tell you a little about myself and why I am so passionate about what I do as a Publisher. From childhood my future career was never in… Read more

A great investment for students!

They say life’s an adventure and it’s the twists and unexpected turns along the way that give it spice. Another thing they say is that you learn from your mistakes – but those lessons can be costly; too costly when the setbacks affect your future, your lifestyle and your financial health. Financial health might not… Read more

Working it Out!

It takes time for young people to develop the skills and attitudes, as well as the values that are required to navigate a successful transition from school to further study, employment and the responsibilities of adult life. At Tracy Marsh Publications we believe that every young Australian needs a line of sight towards their future… Read more


You might already be using digital portfolios in the classroom, but if you’re not, they’re a great idea. Digital portfolios capture aspects of your school life. They’re a way to collect, store and display work electronically, from written assignments to artwork, lab experiments to physical projects, academic awards to school reports. You can blog it,… Read more