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Working it Out!

It takes time for young people to develop the skills and attitudes, as well as the values that are required to navigate a successful transition from school to further study, employment and the responsibilities of adult life. At Tracy Marsh Publications we believe that every young Australian needs a line of sight towards their future… Read more

Get on board!

It’s great to see that the Naval Shipbuilding College and Work-Ready alliance was mentioned in the press this week – especially at a time when news is dominated by, and conversation peppered with, COVID-19. (Remember a simpler time when we used to talk about the weather?) So what better time to draw attention to the… Read more


You might already be using digital portfolios in the classroom, but if you’re not, they’re a great idea. Digital portfolios capture aspects of your school life. They’re a way to collect, store and display work electronically, from written assignments to artwork, lab experiments to physical projects, academic awards to school reports. You can blog it,… Read more

Congratulations you’ve registered with Work-Ready – now get your students on board!

Welcome if you’re new to the Work-Ready program, and welcome back if you have returned. Now that you have registered with Work-Ready, you’ve probably had the chance to explore our 13 informative modules and the many exciting resources they have to offer. You also have access to the Educators Community where we encourage you to… Read more


Yes we can! So there’s been a survey on the state of health of high school work experience system and the verdict is in. It’s broken! Tell us something we don’t already know! We’ve been treading water for years now. Although many schools throughout Australia have managed to run excellent work experience programs in partnership… Read more