Register your students with WORK-READY! (It’s FREE!)

Don’t let them miss out on accessing the great online resources Work-Ready has to offer. There’s now two ways to go about it and the choice is yours!

You can register your students – they will only see what you want them to see.

If you only want your students to access the resources you have chosen for your class folders, you will need to register them yourself. Getting started is simple! Find out how to create a class and add your students on the WELCOME page.


Or your students can register themselves – they will see everything you see.

If students register they will have access to ALL of the Work-Ready online resources. They can browse the modules freely, work on the activities, explore the links and share the information with family and friends.

All they need to do is register through the FREE REGISTRATION portal and click on ‘I am a student’.


And don’t forget, whether they have been registered by you, or whether they have registered themselves – ALL students have access to the EQUIPD magazine!


What class couldn’t do without relevant and engaging hard copy workbooks?

The WORK-READY workbooks have been developed as great stand-alone publications, but also to complement the WORK-READY online resources.

Using the online resources and workbooks in unison, your students can go further in depth as they explore their interests, assess their strengths, check out future pathways, connect with communities, and seek up-to-date and reliable advice as they prepare for their future.

The great thing about the workbooks is that they are fully portable!

That’s it. They can be transported from school to home to wherever the action is. And they can be written in, commented on, shared and discussed with family and friends, reflected upon and kept for future reference. And hey – call it old fashioned, but no matter how good any online resource – nothing beats the tactile when it comes to engagement.

So if your students are already registered with WORK-READY, browse our BOOKSHOP and take a look at the workbooks and other resources that will really add value to the preparation (or should we say the exploration) of their future.


And if they have the workbooks already, but are not yet registered – well, you know what to do…