Welcome to the new school year!

We hope that your break has been relaxing, with time spent with family and friends, and doing the things that make you happy.

While you’ve been on break, the team at Work-Ready have been busy preparing for 2021. Work-Ready is still free to all schools, students and community groups throughout Australia, but you will notice a few changes when you log back in.

Take a look and get ready for the 2021 school year!

Browse our Bookshop

Enter through the Bookshop portal to explore all of the Work-Ready publications. Just click on each book to flick through the pages, or jump on to the videos to find out more about making the most of your classroom experience in 2021.

This easy to use shopping experience allows you to pay by credit card, or you can request an invoice. Prices include freight and vary depending on the number of copies you need for your classroom.


Students can now register themselves for access to all of the Work-Ready modules!

That’s right – by going to our website, registering through the FREE REGISTRATION portal and clicking on ‘I am a student’, students will have immediate access to all of the terrific Work-Ready online resources.


That includes all of the modules, activities, video links, industry updates and the EQUIPD magazine!  Encourage them to get on board now so that they can brush up on their personal skills and start planning an exciting future.


You asked and we’ve delivered. Working With Money is a great new addition to our Work-Ready workbooks and valuable for any young person embarking on life.

It’s a practical financial guide with information, advice, links and activities on making smart money choices and staying out of debt. It clears up some of the questions around budgeting, saving, taking out a loan, the perils of credit cards, purchasing that first car, insurance, superannuation and a whole lot more…

Working With Money will be arriving next week, so take a look and order now for your students. Get them on track from the start!


The Work-Ready team looks forward to working alongside you in 2021. We’re always happy for you to get in touch with any questions, feedback or suggestions. So don’t be a stranger, and if you’re not already registered for the free Work-Ready resources – join us now!