“My Year 12s are loving the lessons in the ‘Working With Money’ books.
They are finding having their own books quite a novelty, instead of using their computers.
Love the inclusion of QR Codes. Great resource.”
Alison Grinsted, Meridan State College, QLD


We’ve been saying it all along

Online resources are great. They offer all types of new and exciting learning experiences for the classroom, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater …

Devices play up, passwords are lost, forbidden sites are a distraction and Internet connections often tenuous.

Books are tangible, portable and offer immediate connection.

You can’t beat the touch, the feel and the smell of a book. There’s something special about opening those pages for the first time and flicking through all the possibilities right between the covers. Information. Inspiration.

Books can change lives!

We have been getting great feedback from teachers and students alike about our Work-Ready workbooks, from the quality of the content to the fact that students love having something to write in, reflect on and share.

The Work-Ready workbooks are giving students real ownership of their learning.

Our workbooks are printed on quality paper, because we respect that student learning is worth more than hastily stapled photocopied sheets. (And our workbooks are less expensive!)

Each book has activities, handy links and the practical information to help students to plan for and move confidently in life. For self-guided learning or in the classroom, they are designed specifically to personalise the learning experience.

If you would like to share the novelty of a book with your students, jump on to the Work-Ready website, take a look at Working With Money and the other great workbooks and order for your class today.

From the feedback we have been getting, we know that they will value the experience!