October is National Safe Work Australia Month – and why should we care?

Because as at 10 September this year, there have been 110 Australians killed at work. That is, 110 Australians who set out on their normal workday, who did not make it home to their family. To add to this, many more Australians suffer workplace injuries that have a major impact on their lives.

National Safe Work Australia Month aims to raise the awareness of all Australians of workplace safety.

If they haven’t already, pretty soon your students will be entering the workplace. This month presents a great opportunity to take a moment, a class discussion, or a whole lesson to reflect on safe work practices. An awareness and knowledge of safe work practices are just a part of the workplace toolkit everybody should take into their working life.

Work Health and Safety is an important component of any careers classroom, and also necessary for Work Experience whether virtual or an onsite placement.

You can get your class involved in any number of the discussions, activities or webinars that have been prepared for National Safe Work Australia Month 2020. You will also find case studies, industry specific information and incident animations that are available all year round for students interested in a specific industry, completing a work practices assignment, preparing for a work experience placement, or even if your class is using the Work-Ready My Work Experience Workbook.

To find out more about great ideas for classroom debate, discussion and activities, visit the National Safe Work Month and Safe Work Australia websites, and check out the Safe Work website in your state or territory.

National Safe Work Month

Safe Work Australia

Take advantage of our free 6-page classroom resource download for your students to start thinking and talking about workplace hazards. These pages are from the My Work Experience Workbook.
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If you haven’t already seen the My Work Experience Workbook, take a look. It’s a great resource for either virtual work experience or as a companion resource for students doing their work experience placement.

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