Work-Ready – we’ve got you covered!

What a year it has been so far 

We hope that in these strange and uncertain times, you are all coping as best you can, being gentle on yourselves and finding new and innovative ways to connect with family, friends and your school and wider community.

Over the years teachers have proven to be some of the most flexible and resourceful members of the community. You have developed your own toolkit to create positive learning experiences at the drop of a hat, overcoming equipment failure, lack of resources and disruption in its many forms. Whether you are dealing with communities coping with the consequences of drought, fire or flood, and now the Covid-19 outbreak – it’s one heck of a disruption!

But a teacher’s toolkit is the stuff of legend!

Your toolkit has been developed through study, wit and hard work at the coalface of the classroom and the community. That’s something that many parents and carers will now be grappling with over the coming weeks, perhaps months; and we know you will be there with support and guidance throughout – whatever your situation.

One of our priorities at Work-Ready has been to make life easier for work and careers educators, and more interesting for students. We are here to support you with our easy-to-access, relevant and quality resources, and it’s times like this that Work-Ready really comes into-its-own.

If you haven’t already made Work-Ready a part of your toolkit – Do it now!

If you have registered for the program, but are not yet using it, take a little time to explore the 13 informative modules and the many exciting resources they have to offer – and see just how Work-Ready can work for you.

Circumstances need not disrupt your students learning

Whether they are in the classroom, or working from home, Work-Ready gives students online access to the resources you have chosen. You’re in control of the contents of each class folder; so whether it’s a Year 10 Work Experience or Year 12 Workplace Practices class, your students will be able to focus on the resources that are relevant to them.

All you need to do is
  • REGISTER (if you haven’t already)
  • CREATE your class and CLASS FOLDERS
  • ADD the resources
  • REGISTER your students for access to their class folder, as well as EQUIPD the student e-magazine

Don’t worry – there are step-by-step videos to help you, and the Work-Ready team is just an email or a phone call away!

Your students can LOGIN to Work-Ready from any device, anywhere and at any time

If they’re working from home, their parents or carers will also be able to access the program. This not only gives families a greater understanding of the program, but also opens up discussion on career pathways and opportunities, which helps give students the support they need.

We know that online access isn’t always that simple!    

If you are concerned that any of your students will be left behind because of limited access to communication technologies – you needn’t be. In the understanding that not everybody has steady access to the Internet, or even devices the team at Work-Ready have been busy behind the scenes creating two new student workbooks to be used in the classroom or at home.

Work it Out can be used in support of the Work-Ready program or as a standalone publication. It helps students to navigate the journey from school to work with follow through activities to help them to identify their skills, attitudes, values and interests, identify study and career pathways and create the opportunities to make it happen.

It caters to all demographics, is perfect for year 9 – 12 students, and with 68 lightweight paperback pages it fits into schoolbags or into the post for home schooling.

In the following weeks, look out for My Work Experience workbook which will guide your students through a virtual work experience. But more about that in later posts.

The team at Work-Ready just wants you to know that we think you are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. Remember we’re here to support you!