The Work-Ready workbooks are filled with commonsense and a bit of fun, perfect for Home Group or Pastoral Care teaching!

To let your Home Group or Pastoral Care class in on a bit of the fun, we’ve included a DOWNLOAD from Working With Money.

Money isn’t everything (we know). It’s not as important as family and friends and clean air to breathe; but money IS important!

Download this FREE QUIZ for your students from the Working with Money workbook and start the discussion around just how important money is to them.


The quiz provides an introduction to this practical guide on making smart money choices from an early age (from budgeting to buying that first car). Working with Money is all about financial resilience and that’s something that every young Australian needs to develop.

And by the way – we understand that the rewards of being a Home Group or Pastoral Care teacher are beyond measure in a supportive school environment.

You have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with students in a more personal environment; and for a few short lessons on the timetable you get to focus on and address broader issues in a way that is not always possible in other classrooms.

You’re no longer just a subject teacher (no teacher is just a subject teacher).

You are mentor, motivator, counsellor, guide and evaluator, there to support the emotional, physical and educational wellbeing of your very own cohort of young Australians.

It’s an important position, so if you’re just coming into it now, prepare to dig deep, dust off, develop and utilise those skills you’ve so carefully loaded into your teacher kit! You’re guaranteed to use them all because there are as many challenges as rewards in the Home Group/Pastoral Care classroom!

Those challenges need not include the lack of quality resources!

The Work-Ready workbooks help educators to empower students with the strategies to prepare for the challenges of stepping into life after school.

The activities in the workbooks are designed to encourage resourcefulness, flexibility and self-awareness, and help students to make informed decisions as they plan their future. There are links to government websites to allow them to explore opportunities and seek further help and guidance.

Working with Money is available now to order for your Home Group or Pastoral Care classroom, and if you want to explore more practical, fun and engaging resources, you’ll find the rest of the Work-Ready workbooks in the BOOKSHOP on our website.


At Work-Ready we are all about helping young Australians to develop the life skills to face their future with confidence. Each of the workbooks covers a different aspect of the personal development to help achieve that. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to chat.