Exploring the different year levels

Work-Ready provides a depth of resources that cater to the different stages of the work and career education journey.

No matter the year level of your classroom, or circumstance of your student cohort, the TEACHERS HANDBOOK will guide you towards suitable resources for each stage of the journey.   

TEACHING DIFFERENT YEAR LEVELS in the handbook gives clarity to where your students are on their learning journey, with explanations of each stage helping you to focus on the most appropriate classroom experiences for your students.   


Years 7 and 8 is a time of DISCOVERY and EXPLORATION

As they explore their strengths and interests and reflect on their experiences, students are developing a positive self-image and a larger picture of their place in the world.

Investigating the importance, nature and types of work, they begin to develop an awareness of the skills they need to participate in the workforce and the community.

It’s here they come to the understanding that they have an active choice in determining their future.


Years 9 and 10 is the time for FOCUS and PLANNING

This is the time for greater self-knowledge as students identify their values, skills and strengths and develop strategies for improvement and greater learning.

They explore participation in the workplace and gain an understanding of workplace relations, responsibilities, the impact of behaviours and mindset and facing future challenges.

It’s here they focus on the aspirations that will inform their subjects and study pathway choices.


Years 11 and 12 is a time for DECISIONS and IMPLEMENTATION

With a more rounded understanding of what is required for transition into further study and the workforce, students are making more meaningful preparations for their future.

Taking on greater responsibilities they are studying towards the subjects they need, applying for further education, traineeships or apprenticeships and participating more actively in the community.

This is the time for exploring opportunities and making it all happen.

Teaching different year levels at a time

If you are teaching a number of different year levels at a time this section of the handbook makes it easier for you to delineate your resources while providing the opportunity to create an overall program that flows logically from year level to year level.

You now have a digital scaffold

The TEACHERS HANDBOOK provides the scaffold for you to easily develop a teaching program tailored to the stage your students are at, or access the resources that will complement an existing program.

Because it is a digital publication, the process is quick and clean, (and you will not have the mess of folders and papers to sort).

With a simple click on the suggested links for your year level, you can quickly access and choose the modules, activities and workshops to use in your program.

It really is as simple as that.